VMT - Vereniging van Mytyl- en Tyltylscholen
  Empowerment door Transitie (Empowerment by transition)

Project Running Time: Action 2: until 20.06.2004, Action 3: until 15.11.2004

DP-Managing organisation: VMT - Vereniging van Mytyl - en Tyltylscholen
(Association of schools for pupils with special needs in The Netherlands)

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DP Substract
Objectives of the DP

DP Substract:

The DP is created for sectors which are relevant for physically handicapped young people: education (VMT and Ministry of Education, Culture and Science), interest groups (CG RAAD) and the entire area of social security and labour (LISV).

For only few physically handicapped youngsters find their way to the labour-market. Despite of a shortage of personnel, these youngsters usually flow into the so-called protected work. In the last few years the improvement for this situation has been pursued. What has been found lacking is a coherent package of substantial measures and empowerment methodologies to stimulate the labour integration of these young people, a cohesive collection of relevant knowledge and experience in the sector, the change of the sector in thought and act and to achieve an empowerment by the participants. The crux of the matter is the management of demand-direction by the youngster himself.

Objectives of the DP:

The DP wants to realise the following goals:

Quantitatively: to double the outflow or direction to labour of youngsters coming from the Mytylschools into the wage-earning employment from the present 9% to a minimum of 18%.

Qualitatively: to organise, follow up and measure 60 labour directing-stages to employment, to develop products or instruments to improve the labour direction, to apply and implement the empowerment methodology transition by the 6 participating schools, transfer and distribution of the results to other Mytylschools, REC partners, and others.

The young people will have to learn to ask questions independently, to manage demand-direction, to take their own decisions, empowerment of young people.

The Mytylschools will change their organisation from supply to demand thinking, from acting to young people to acting with young people, from telling to listening, empowerment of the schools.

The environment (employers, etc). teach the young people to see from their possibilities and not from their limitations, empowerment of the environment.

The way in which the (considered) partners in the DP are involved in the decision making of the intention and execution of the project (empowerment within the DP):

The participants in the DP are contacted by the VMT to participate and approached for partnership. Subsequently, the VMT submitted the plan after approval. The partners sign the declaration of intention and receive a copy of the plan and if the plan is approved by the Equal Agency, an agreement of cooperation will be signed (November 2002).

During the project, the steering-group plays a leading role in decisions around content, direction, organisation and input of means. Herein all partners have equal rights and duties.

In this project the following parties have interest in the renewing activities:

Starting-point is to involve those concerned in the decision making and execution process of the project (in the executive management, in the steering-group).

The young people determine their wishes and future themselves and can optimally make use of the services that are realised for the project. Their wishes are also brought in through the CG Raad and interpreted. Furthermore there will be an ongoing communication with the young people (start, progress, evaluation), they and the companions will keep a logbook and interviews will be held with the students.

For the schools the issue is the change from supply to demand-thinking and acting, which is also the crux for the DP for the implementation of the results in mainstreaming.

The DP as a cooperation, is responsible for the project and reviews the execution of the components, directs the coordination, guards the finances and takes care of external communication

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There is a special site at the website of the main-partner of the Dutch Partnership "Empowerment door Transitie", with links to some "EQUAL nieuwsbriefs", including information and pictures of the ongoing project work.

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